With a bag of dreams, pocket full of aspirations and gleaming eyes to see a world of possibilities; you will be entering a new culture carrying a little piece of home in your heart. A new country, different people, different lifestyles will be your own for the next few years. And if you like that better, the number of years might even increase. It is on you. It is all in your hands. You are the traveler. You are the student aspiring to be somebody in this world of nobody-s. You wish for better education options. Absolutely no offence to the Indian education system but it is beyond question that a degree from the US carries much more weight on our CVs than one from an Indian institution. Getting into prestigious Indian colleges is no easier than walking on water. The competition and struggle is breathtakingly difficult. So, when we have an option to travel to a different country, study at a different education system, learn a new culture and obtain a degree that is way better than a large number of colleges in India (excluding all the prestigious ones with all due respect), who would ever think of missing out on that option?

Life in the US is very different from the one we’ve been living in India. Indians are a pampered breed. We have all our services at our doorstep. Food, groceries, clothing, laundry, dry cleaning, housemaids, car services, banking, etc. is all done with one phone call. There are even “work from home” options available. We could spend our lives at home without having to step out ever! We are pampered to a point of no return. We are used to getting our work done the easy way. In the US the lifestyle is quite different. Nobody pampers you. Nobody does your work for you. Nobody gives you services at your doorstep. It is a different culture, different people with different mindsets, it’s a new world. A world ready to be explored by you!

Here are 7 major differences you’d find between the lifestyles of India and US.

  1. The Education System: If you think your education will be as it was in India, you are in a very big misconception my dear friend. You don’t get spoon-fed by your faculty. You don’t get to copy paste your friend’s assignment. You don’t get to learn one textbook and pass the examination. You don’t get to attend a course “just because”. The education system is difficult to adapt to at first. But eventually, you know if played by the rules, you will find your path. The classroom is fun and interactive with less lecturing and more practical knowledge. The professors won’t spoon-feed you but they will be available to help all the time. The difference between group study and copying one’s work is well understood and you actually get to bank on your friend’s knowledge along with yours. It is difficult, but it is fun.
  2. Medical Insurance is a must: or you will end up being bankrupt every time you are down with a fever. The medical industry in the US is very expensive as compared to India. It is advisable to get a medical insurance before you set your life there.
  3. Residence is away from work and grocery stores: Here’s a scenario. You wake up. You want to have peanut butter and jam for breakfast only to realize you’re out of peanut butter. In India, you would generally step out of your house, walk 10 steps, enter a convenience store and buy a bottle of peanut butter. This is not possible in the US. If you face a scenario like this, you will have to curb your craving until the next day. You would have to drive to the grocery store. Since it’s quite a drive, you would want to make the trip more useful and purchase all the groceries you need altogether. This way, you’ve save another trip because gas isn’t exactly free. And then, once you’re home with your groceries, if you still want to have peanut butter and jam, go for it. Or you could wait until the next morning to see if your wake up fetish remains.
  4. Nobody will do your laundry: For a student, this is probably the most annoying concept. Nobody is going to wash your clothes for you. You will have to find the time between the classes and assignments and exams and parties and tell your girlfriend “see you later” once in a while to be able to go to the laundry room and wash your dirty underwear. But there is definitely one perk. Every time you tell your mom about this, she’ll go all “oh my child has to work so hard” and shower you with her love.
  5. Transport and Connectivity is a GO: Yes. No more traveling in buses or local trains with one man’s sweaty armpit smashed to your nose. There is comfortable public transport available everywhere. There’s air conditioning everywhere it is needed, and a heater where that is required. So, traveling will never be as tedious or tiring as it is in India.
  6. Freedom: There is more freedom in the US as compared to India. Here, if you question a law enforcement officer any sort of question over something he did, you might end up behind bars. In the US, there is freedom of speech, as in, actually allowed and not just on paper. You can have any sort of lifestyle you want without being judged over it or having to face “society”. Of course there is a difference in opinion everywhere. You might have a different experience with some people, but overall, you have a lot more freedom in the US as compared to India.
  7. The culture: The US culture is more open minded, less judgmental and allows more freedom than Indian culture. Honestly, they won’t even care! Here, you father’s friend’s wife’s kitty party member’s sister-in-law would also be interested to know what you are doing in life. In the US, the chain would stop at “father’s friend”. People there allow more personal space. To them, privacy is of utmost importance at home or work. It is definitely a culture to experience.

The US is a vibrant country. It is nothing but an opportunity to learn new ways and grow as a person! We at Shiksha Overseas, have just that in mind. We make sure that you get to grab all the opportunities that come down your path, and choose whatever is best for you. A life and education in the US is the dream of many, and we are here to make yours a reality. Find the best counseling team at Shiksha Overseas to guide you through this journey. After all, we provide you with the Roadmap to Success.


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