We all face this question when thinking if an overseas education would help us better than one in India. It is a tough decision. Leaving your country, leaving your families, leaving your roots behind to build a career outside. Of course there are two sides to every coin. Studying abroad has its pros and cons too. Let’s take USA for example. On one hand you get to live and study in the greatest country with the best options for higher education. But, at the same time, it burns a hole in your pocket! Just when you think you have found your calling, you are surrounded by a million questions. A choice. A dilemma engulfs you. We give you the pros and cons of education outside, and solutions to them too. Weigh your factors, decide what you wish to do and maybe Shiksha Overseas can help pave your way.

Pros to studying overseas:

1. First and foremost, the education system. There is no doubt that the education quality at US or UK or Germany is far better than an Indian degree in many ways. They provide you the right exposure, a global platform, a chance to select from a wide range of courses and streams and the best faculty to guide and train you that won’t be available in India .

2. You witness a new culture. Studying abroad allows you to experience the world of the ‘foreigners’. How they live, work, celebrate, party, and everything. You get to spend quality time in a whole new place learning their culture.

3. You get to travel! We only have so many trips round the sun. If you choose a program in India, be assured you won’t find the time during the program to travel unless you take a few leaves and plan a trip or jump into an exchange program or unless your college offers you a trip. Either way, you would have a lot less time as compared to choosing an overseas education program. Then you have ample time to explore the entire country! And you would have gained more knowledge and experience and lived more life in those years of education than you every would in a few trips abroad.

4. Two words. Global Network. Just think about it. Wherever you go, you will meet hundreds of people. People from that country, people from around the world. It is a huge opportunity to make friends and have an international network for future. And being Indians, we know very well what a well accomplished network of people can help you with.

5. You get to learn a new language. If you study in destinations like Germany, China, or France, you will have the opportunity to learn their native language. Even in countries like US or UK, you might make friends from different parts of the world and you can always indulge in exchanging each others skills which includes teaching the other your language and learning theirs. In the world of globalization, we can definitely benefit from knowing a different language.

6. You get to live a different life. Their routine isn’t like the one we live. If you read our post Life in US , you will see how different a lifestyle abroad can be. It is definitely a cherished break from the routine we follow.

7. Jobs after graduating: Once you graduate, you can always come home for a job. But the much taken option is working in your host country. A job in their country will help you pay back that education loan much easily than a job in India would. And with the current status of the rupee, earning in foreign currency will also be a big gain for your family back home. The money you send back will be of much greater value here.

Although there are a lot more pros to living and studying outside, but having listed the major few, let’s begin with the few cons that there are.

1. Cost of education is higher abroad as compared to India.
Solution: You could apply for scholarships. Though those are hard to come by, with proper guidance, you could raise your chances of attaining one. Also, there’s always education loans. Shiksha Overseas helps you find the best loan options with Credila.

2. Cost of living is higher abroad than back home. Of course when you start a job, it gets even, but till the time you are studying, you have to deal with a lot of financial problems.
Solution: You could always do a part time job along with your education. Also, your education loan will help cover your basic stay expenses.

3. Clearing examinations like GMAT or GRE and TOEFL or IELTS are a must even for non-English speaking countries. Solution: You could hire professionals for the proper coaching and easily succeed in clearing them with the required score. Shiksha Overseas provides you training for TOEFL and IELTS.

Keeping this in mind, you have a decision to make. Study in India or studying abroad? And if you do chose to study abroad, you should know us. And we at Shiksha Overseas would love to know you, and guide you throuh the hectic procedure of applying for education abroad. That is what we are here for, and that is what we do. We provide you with the Roadmap to Success.


2 thoughts on “Why Study Abroad?

  1. I want to study in abroad with some low budget my marks in
    10th- 66% in CBSE
    12th- 45% in ARts stream from NIOS in 2014

    So plzz let me know about which country is best for marks in Hospitailty course with low budget

    Cont 9717669341


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