Top ten study abroad destinations of Indian students

Top ten study abroad destinations of Indian students

With absolutely no offence to the Indian Education System and my absolutely heartfelt condolences to the numerous students who failed to get into the big leagues in India, I would just like to just state that the Indian Education System is like a monarch with a very judgmental head who would not settle for anything but. We Indians strive for excellence. As much as that trait is admired in a person, it cannot be said so for a system. Trying to be a better person or a better student has given us the educational edge over the rest of the world. We have more qualified personnel as compared to the world. Yet, most of them are settled in other countries. The reason is (again I mention, No offence at all) our excellent Education System. In the search for excellence, our Education System has metamorphosed into a competitive and irrational student sorting machine. With the cutthroat competition and unjust, irrational cutoffs, we’ve tend to become a contraption.

Bright Indian students are turning towards other countries for quality education. These young futures of our country are very warmly welcomed by foreign universities for their sheer brilliance and unrivalled hardworking qualities. With increasing number of students going abroad or higher studies, India has become a major supplier to the international education market.

With the growing awareness and demand for overseas education, the trends of destinations are also changing. Until a few years back, the popular study destinations for Indian students did not go beyond the USA, the UK and probably Australia. However, with the changing times, other countries have joined the league of study destinations as well. A list of top ten destinations chosen by Indian students is listed below:

The United States of America

Being the most sought after study destination, USA is a country with a very versatile and diverse culture. It offers quality education at some of the world’s best institutions. All in all, USA is famous for offering the most memorable and exciting study experience to the international student. The universities in USA also offer a wide range of scholarships to its students allowing them to stay back and conduct research. The admission process is very just and looks at every application in a holistic manner giving a fair chance to students of all genre.

The United Kingdom

This is one country that has never left the ‘favorites’ list of the Indian student. With the most archaic universities like Oxford and Cambridge, the UK has always been proud of hosting a strong historic background. Many Indian students flock to the UK for various undergraduate and post-graduate courses. It is also known as the Mecca for management education.


Germany is considered as a hub for research in the field of science and technology. It hosts more than 70 percent Indian student population. With a very low fee structure and a host of scholarship programs offered along with study abroad options, it has proven to be amongst the most sought after destinations for higher education.


Australia too has proven to be a very preferred destination for overseas education. Holding a good reputation globally, the Australian education system has many universities from the top 100 universities around the globe under its hood.


With lush scenic beauty and warm welcoming friendly people, there’s nothing in Canada to not like. Canadians are happy people, and one tends to enjoy in Canada. It is a country with a beautiful land and world class education to make it one of the most encouraged study abroad destinations. The country has observed a huge increase in the number of international students in the recent years. Students opt for Canada for a variety of courses such as Engineering, Animation, Biotechnology and Hospitality.


Singapore is famous amongst Indian Students being closer to home and a great destination for Engineering & Management courses. Many major league universities have introduced innovative new ideas, especially to their management courses to attract the International Student. It also holds the reputation for being one of the safest and affordable destinations in the world to go for their study abroad.

New Zealand

Since the popularity of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, New Zealand has achieved the status of being a stop-spot of the globetrotter. In a span of five years, New Zealand has seen the Indian student population increase by 400 per cent and been a welcoming host to it too.

The Netherlands

Specialized courses like agriculture, architecture, sustainable energy, etc. are found to be available in Netherlands with much credibility. Also, it never hurts to live in a country as adventurous, outdoorsy and fun as Netherlands.


Besides blessing the world with Versace, Gucci and Armani, and the all time favorite sports car Ferrari, Italy is also home to some of the greatest artists and musicians. It is a go-to country for courses in art sciences. Italian Universities are majorly famous for their generous scholarships which are a big attraction to students across the globe.


The vast size of the country and the multitude of people and culture on the soil of Russia have always fascinated the world. Russia is well known to be one of the best destinations for courses like Medicine, Aviation and Engineering. Russia is a much favored destination in lieu of its quality education at affordable expenses.


How to write the perfect SOP?

How to write the perfect SOP?

Your Statement of Purpose tells the board a lot about the person you are. It is probably the most challenging and difficult piece of document you would put in with your application. It needs to tell about you, about what you bring with you and how you would be an asset to the organization, all in that one essay. This doesn’t mean you would start writing about yourself and your family and upbringing and etc. It simply means that whatever you write, should give the reader an insight to your brain and your heart.

Picture a scenario. You’re in a room with over half a grand applications to review. Sounds fun? No. Imagine this being the life of 5-6 members on the review board. They have a very boring job. And nobody would willingly waste time at a boring job. They would read the introductory paragraph of your essay, and then decide whether you are worth their time. So first and foremost, you need to make a grand entry!

Be a hero. Make a memorable entry. So that when they sit reviewing the applications, they remember you for your introductory paragraph itself. They would read the whole document and then decide, rather than casting you off without a second thought. Make your introduction personal. Involve a small incidence that made you pick the program. Write about your inspiration, your dream and why you are the best choice for the program.

For example: Consider three SOPs for the same program with the following three introductory paragraphs.

  1. I wish to apply for xyz program at your prestigious abc university because I have always dreamt of becoming a pqr and it is at your university that I believe I can achieve my best potential and enhance my skills to great extents.
  2. Ever since I was a small girl I remember my mother telling me about her time at abc and I have always wanted to be a part of your institution to be able to become even a fraction of the woman my mom is.
  3. On my way to school I used to see a very intriguing man at the ___. I asked my father once who he was. He told me he’s a pqr and explained to me what that is. That was the day, I knew my calling.

SOP-A butters the university up with words like prestigious and you can help me enhance my skills.

SOP-B very nicely lets the university know that she is a legacy.

SOP-C puts in the very reason behind her choosing the course, and not the university.

All three are well written. But when it comes to selection, the review board would cast aside A. They would probably take B as a woman who is using her mom’s reference, yet would probably read what she has to say. But they would definitely remember C as the candidate with a strong childhood dream to be a pqr. If they select one out of these three, one would definitely put their money on C.

Keep your introductory paragraph interactive enough for the reader to be intrigued to read ahead. They are people with a lot of applications to process and they are not interested in stereotype-straight-out-of-the-book applications. It needs to be introspective, innovative and make a person want to read more.

Remember. Your introductory paragraph is not your SOP. The entire essay is. Being good at the introduction doesn’t guarantee your admission. The rest of the essay needs to be equally exceptionally good. Your introductory paragraph just makes the review board read the rest of your essay. For you to be selected, you need to make sure they are as impressed with the rest of the paragraph. Your statement of purpose should be:

  1. Innovative, Introspective, Intriguing. Mark the 3 Is in your essay and rest assured you will be selected.
  2. Don’t beat around the bush. They all know you are trying to get an admission. Tell them why you.
  3. They are getting utterly bored in that room. If you can bring even a brink of a smile to their day, you know they’ll save you a seat. Tell stories about yourself, but don’t forget your word space. Keep it brief and sharp and specific, yet interesting and fun.
  4. All about you. Present yourself on a platter. Show them that you are intelligent, immensely interested in the program, prepared to take on challenges in life, are a friendly and easy to be with person, build a healthy relationship with your peers and professors. Put all that in words. But don’t try to make it look like a circus of stories. They want to know you, but in a well presented manner. Not with a paper full of anecdotes. Don’t be that slick guy next door who won’t stop bragging.
  5. Self-explanatory. Nobody should need to question your grades or performance or any other issue that can reach you as you’ve explained it all in your SOP. Reasons for poor performance, explanation for any and all issues related to your application should all be in the SOP. This will present you as a person who realizes their mistake and works hard to overcome it.
  6. By the rules. Always remember to color inside the lines. Do whatever you want, but follow all rules they give. You can take small risks here and there but the final Statement should be by the rules and yet different enough to stand out in the room of applications.
  7. Read, proofread and proofread again by you and at least 3 more people. If even one of them gets bored before the end, change it. You need to make sure that your SOP is completely read for you to have a fair chance.

Your SOP is a great deal in your application packet. It needs to be perfect. We at Shiksha Overseas, make sure of that. We help you write the perfect SOP. We make sure your SOP is the perfect blend of your best achievements and highest aspirations. We make sure that you get a fair chance with your SOP. After all, we provide you with a Roadmap to Success.